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Gerard King

When I re-joined St John Ambulance in 1987 while working in Kent, my interest in vehicles quickly had me being involved in our ambulance work. It soon became apparent that more than just holding a driving licence was needed to safely drive an ambulance. Through connections we were able to get some driver training and assessment through Kent Ambulance Service.

On moving to Lancashire in 1990 my work on driver training and assessment developed and during the 1990’s became part of the team that developed and wrote the first national St John Ambulance policy on fleet and driving.

Now the driving standards and skills needed to drive a St John Ambulance are no less that those to drive an NHS ambulance.

Now across England we have 750 ambulances and specialist vehicles delivering medical care to all people. We provide some services such as specialist paediatric retrieval services to bring ill children into specialist hospitals in London and Birmingham. The work we do for NHS Ambulance and Hospital Trusts means that often it is a St John Ambulance that will respond to your 999 call.


37 Orchard Gardens, Effingham

Surrey KT24 5NR


Registered Charity Number 1054640

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